Alexis Price


Alexis Price’s provocative and delicate artworks explore dueling concepts of femininity:  what it’s like to be a woman vs. how we are seen. Alexis uses anthropomorphic creatures with a hyper-sexual femininity to remind us that how we look is not what we are.  Alexis often uses herself as a model- pulling from her own experience of being a woman in a patriarchal society. Each of her works draws on the Yin and the Yang- maintaining balance between light and dark, strength and vulnerability, good and evil. 

     Alexis’ unique artistic understanding is rooted in being completely self-taught; visual art is her necessary cathartic communication.  However Alexis does have a formal dance education. She received a BA in Dance Education from Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) in 2006.

     Alexis shifted all of her focus to visual arts in 2010 while residing in Raleigh, NC. This shift opened up her career to public art projects, group exhibitions, solo shows, murals,  and collaborative projects. Before relocating to Brooklyn in 2016 Alexis was featured in many NC publications including The News And Observer, Oak City Hustle, and Midtown Magazine.  Throughout her career Alexis has had 10 solo exhibitions including the most recent “Divine Hermaphrodites and The Project of Being” at Shag, a Sexy Shop in Brooklyn, NY (2018). She has also been in numerous group shows throughout the nation, most recently showing at Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (2017) and Underground Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon (2019).  Alexis has also been featured in many online galleries, blogs and publications including Beautiful Bizarre, Wow x Wow, House Of Roulx, and Art For The Sick. Alexis continues to work and show in Brooklyn by way of murals, galleries, and artist collaborations.  



Solo Exhibitions

2018     “Divine Hermaphrodites and the Project of Being"                       Shag, Brooklyn,  NY

2016     “New Media Menagerie”                                                         The Pink Building, Raleigh, NC

2016     “Bright Skies”                                                                          The Morning Times, Raleigh, NC

2016     “Household Pets”                                                                    305 W. Martin Street, Raleigh, NC

2015     “In Plain Sight”                                                                        Reanimator Records, Winston Salem, NC

2015     “Skin and Bones”                                                                     Goldenbelt Studios, Durham, NC

2015     “We Are Food”                                                                        The Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh, NC

2014     “Wild Dogs”                                                                              The Foundation, Raleigh, NC

2014     “Seeing Red”                                                                             The Garland, Raleigh, NC

2013     “Just the Two of Us”                                                                   Litmus Gallery, Raleigh, NC


Group Exhibitions

2018     “Existence”                                                                               Brooklyn Brush, Brooklyn, NY

2017     “WOW2”                                                                                 Wow X Wow (Online Gallery UK)

2017     “Bodega Cats”                                                                          La Bodega Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017     Fundraising Gala                                                                      Artspace, Raleigh, NC

2016     “Night Comes Creeping”                                                         Glas Studio, Raleigh, NC

2016     “Spirits. Animals. Spirit Animals”                                           Holder Goods and Crafts, Raleigh, NC

2016     “FUHB2”                                                                                  The Pink Building, Raleigh, NC

2016     “Media”                                                                                     The Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC

2015     “Happy Hour”                                                                             FEED Gallery, Raleigh, NC      

2014     “Peregrine Projects”                                                                     Edge of Urge, Raleigh, NC


Jenni Hart         “The Birds and The Beasts: Time to talk paintings with Alexis Price”.  Midtown Magazine, Raleigh, NC.  November 2015 p. 60-61

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​2018-2019 Kids Canvas                                                  Art Teacher

2013-2015 Champion Learning Academy                        Art Teacher

2012 Arts Together, Raleigh, NC                                    Art Teacher


Public Art Projects

2017  “Art on the Move”                                                Raleigh Public Arts

2015   "Blount Street Mural"                                           Raleigh Public Arts and Artspace, NC